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Seattle Stays

Charity Lynne Burggraaf

Photos by Charity Lynne Burggraaf

Seattle is a fast-growing West Coast city, so it’s no surprise that its hotels sparkle with tech toys and posh amenities. Inside downtown’s boutique Hotel 1000, there’s virtual golf where you can “play” Pinehurst on a big screen. At the waterfront Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, the bathroom mirrors have integrated LCD televisions and the modern décor matches the sleek lines of the infinity pool outside.

Yet hotels in the Emerald City are still a little bit haunted—by history, not ghosts. The Edgewater Hotel is built on Pier 67, which juts into Elliott Bay; it’s no wonder that when the Beatles visited in 1964, they wedged fishing poles out their hotel window. The famous photo of their goof-off is framed in the 750-square-foot Beatles Suite, though many of the hotel’s rooms have the same bay vista of ferry boats and freight barges.

The 90-year-old Fairmont Olympic Hotel guards even more local color; every president since Herbert Hoover has slept in the 450-room landmark, as have Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis Presley. The 1962 World’s Fair was dreamt up over breakfast meetings in the hotel by the city’s elite.

And sometimes Seattle’s hotel rooms retain a different kind of history: In 1999, an old Belltown flophouse was reborn as the Ace Hotel, complete with Shepard Fairey prints and turntables. The shared bathrooms and common hangout room give it a shaggy cool the chain has since replicated in New York, London and Portland.

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