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Seoulthe soul of south korea

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Namsan Cable Car

Namsan Cable Car Seoul

Courtesy Korea Tourism Organization

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Namsan Cable Car

Junggu Hoehyun-Dong 1 Ga San 1-19



Hours:  Daily 10 a.m.-11 p.m.

Price:  Adults $8, Children/Seniors $5

Step aboard a cable car if having a bird’s eye view of Seoul is your idea of a good time. Erected in 1962, the Namsan Cable Car was the first one to be built and operated in Korea. During daytime excursions you can enjoy the beauty of Seoul's surrounding landscape; at night you can experience the illumination of the bright lights below. Plan to visit an hour before sunset to get panoramic views while you ascend and descend the city's most famous peak. You'll find a restaurant and a cafe at the top, and you’ll have an incredible vantage point of N Seoul Tower, which is located in the centre of Seoul on Mount Namsan. N Seoul Tower stands 236.7 meters high and rises to about 480 meters above sea level because it rests atop Mount Namsan.

Experiences in the statuesque landmark include shopping at gift shops; taking in music videos and films in the lobby area with its media zone; strolling through two pavilions, one for exhibitions and the other for performances; visiting the two observatories, the new digital observatory with new state of the art digital telescopes and the classic analogue observatory; and dining in the new revolving western style restaurant called N Grill on the top floor. The only way to reach the tower is by bus or cable car so step onboard for this vista-rrific experience.

Namsan Cable Car
Junggu Hoehyun-Dong 1 Ga San 1-19

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