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Spokaneinescapable northwest beauty

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Spokane Basics


Photo: Spokane Regional CVB/Alan Bisson

While Spokane can sometimes be upstaged by Washington’s other major metropolitan cities, it’s no Seattle or Tacoma. It’s something much different, equally as majestic but filled with its own organic originality (and lilacs).

With the Spokane River flowing through the heart of the city, nature’s inescapable beauty makes an immediate, lasting impression. You’ll see it while dining at a riverfront restaurant, while hiking the Centennial Trail, while whitewater rafting through the lower gorge or while hovering above the river’s waters in the Spokane Falls Skyride. Shrouded by Ponderosa pines and basalt cliffs with eagles spreading their wings over the waters, the Spokane River is an oasis that helps define and distinguish this city. With one glimpse at the magnificent Bowl and Pitcher area, you’ll quickly understand Spokane’s “Near Nature. Near Perfect.” motto.

The overflowing lilacs throughout the area only serve to enhance this feeling. Nicknamed Lilac City, Spokane’s climate is an ideal home for the seductively sweet blossoms. Step into Manito Park Lilac Garden or simply stroll along a neighborhood sidewalk, and you won’t be able to escape the intoxicating aroma.

Right in step with the city maxim and Inland Northwest tradition, Spokane restaurants fully embrace a seasonal, locally sourced culinary philosophy and proudly tout the region’s wine by the glass. And if just one glass isn’t enough, make the trek to Arbor Crest Wine Cellars and sample Washington’s best atop a 450-foot cliff.

Perhaps an even more celebrated facet of Spokane’s legacy is its famous native, Bing Crosby. It was at the Spokane movie palace, the Clemmer Theatre (now the Bing Crosby Theatre), that one of the world’s most beloved crooners got his start.

Nestled between the Cascade and Rocky Mountains, Spokane offers a sunnier side of Washington state and a collection of one-of-a-kind shops, nightlife hotspots, and recreational options that will appeal to any kind of traveler.

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