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View From the Top: Sydney BridgeClimb

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Bridge Fun Facts
  • As the largest and widest steel-arch bridge in the world, The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 151.3 feet wide and listed in Guinness World Records as the widest long-span bridge in the world.

  • Eight lanes of traffic, a footpath, a cycleway and two train lanes make up the bridge, which carries Australia’s busiest highway–The Bradfield Highway.

  • The Bridge first opened in March 1932.

  • The weight of the steel arch is 39,000 tons.

  • Locals refer to it as “The Coathanger.”

  • 272,00 liters of paint were used to give the bridge its initial three coats.

  • The bridge allowance for roadway expansion is 420 millimeters.
Safety Gear
  • A safety harness attaches you to a static line at all times during your climb.

  • You’ll wear a BridgeSuit straight over the top of your own clothing.

  • A radio and headset allow you hear the commentary of your Climb Leader.

  • While climbing at night, a lamp illuminates your path.

  • Lanyards attached to your BridgeSuit let you keep your glasses or sunglasses handy.

  • A fleece jacket, water-proof shell, pants and gloves are provided for wet, cold and windy conditions.

  • Wear fully enclosed rubber-soled shoes, such as running or hiking shoes.
When to Climb
Exclusive dawn climbs are offered on the first Saturday of each month. The city is calm, and the Harbour glistens as the sun begins to rise.

Climb during the day, and see the city in full swing buzzing below you. On a clear day, you’ll see views that stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Blue Mountains.

Early Twilight
Start your climb in the late afternoon, and arrive at the summit as the sun begins to set. As you arrive on the western side of the bridge, the sun will have reached the horizon.

Late Twilight
Emerge onto the eastern arch as the sun falls to the horizon. As you descend from the bridge, you’ll experience the lightshow of Sydney at night.

The light of your headlamp guides you on the NightClimb when the bridge has a mysterious feel and the lights of the city twinkle below you. The bridge lights illuminating the structure against huge shadows.
The Climbs
The entire experience lasts three-and-a-half hours. After you check in, the first hour consists of a comprehensive briefing and safety demonstrations. The two types of climbs include:

The Bridge Climb

Climb the upper span of the arch along the catwalks and ladders to the summit. The incline is steady.

The Discover Climb
Climb the stairs and catwalks, wind through inner components, and touch the raw steel rivets.

May 01, 2009

In 1989, Paul Cave, BridgeClimb’s founder and chairman, organized a group to climb over the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of an international business convention. His dream of opening this experience up to the public became a reality after years of dealing with state and local governments, community groups and safety experts. BridgeClimb Sydney opened in 1998 and offers an exhilarating and unforgettable experience high above the sparkling waters of the Sydney Harbour.

5 Cumberland St.
The Rocks, Sydney

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Christopher Tudehope
I have to say-BridgeClimb is simply amazing, and anyone who is ever in Sydney (tourist or otherwise) should do it. The experience is just unbelievable, and you feel like you're getting an ACTUAL Australian experience rather than a tourist trek.
5/28/2009 7:35:14 AM

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