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Tallahasseeblending city with country

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Tallahassee Basics


Located in the middle of the panhandle of Florida, Tallahassee is just about equal distance from Georgia as it is to the Gulf of Mexico. On one hand, Tallahassee is the state’s capital, so the downtown area (where the capitol is located) is stuffed full of suited businessmen and women lobbying and making decisions for the great state of Florida. On the other hand, Tallahassee is a bona-fide college town. It is home to Florida State University (FSU), which is one of the largest universities in the state, as well as eight other colleges, universities and community colleges. Which means that football games are important in Tallahassee and big games can take over most of the town. It also means that there are parties and cultural events galore. Because Tallahassee caters to this vibrant mix of people, it a great place to visit.

In addition to the diversity of its residents, the landscape of the area offers much to explore both in the city as well as in the country. For example, Tallahassee’s park system is second to none in the state of Florida. You can spend your day exploring Lake Ella in Fred Drake Park, biking down the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, communing with nature by kayaking or taking a glass bottom boat tour of Wakulla Springs. Then retreat to the city for small plates and dirty martinis on the balcony of the swanky Hotel Duval or dine at the French-inspired Chez Pierre, followed by late-night live music at the Midtown Filling Station gastropub.

The food in Tallahassee takes its influence from the southern surroundings as well as the Gulf coast. Fresh seafood is a popular menu item as are shrimp-and-grits and pickled anything. Tallahassee is also a great place for the kids. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the children at Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery then head over to the Brogan art and science museum to witness and participate in experiments first-hand and wander among the American Folk Art exhibit.

Whatever way you want to experience it, Tallahassee will show you how to blend city with country in a most exciting way.

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