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Tokyoeast meets west

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Tokyo in 4 Days

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From the Plane
The 12-hour direct flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo comes with unexpectedly spectacular views.
Tsukiji Market
Tsukiji Market is one of the largest fish markets in the world and Tokyo's most popular tourist attraction.
Tsukiji Tuna
Tuna is auctioned early in the morning at Tsukiji and then sliced for wholesale buyers in the warren of shops within the inner market.
Sensoji Temple Pagoda
A five-story pagoda is a focal point of busy Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, an older neighborhood along the Sumida River.
Rice Cracker Vendor
Rice crackers hot off the grill are one of many snacks sold along Nakamise, the touristy street leading to Sensoji Temple.
Nakameguro Cherry Blossoms
The cherry tree-lined Meguro River runs through the fashionable, artsy neighborhood of Nakameguro, one of the most pleasant places in the city to spend an afternoon.
Nakameguro Vendors
Nakameguro street vendors sell crepes, coffees, curry and other cheap eats from their retro automobiles.
Shinjuku at Night
Shinjuku at night teems with pachinko parlors, neon and a steady torrent of people.
Ghibli Museum
The adorable, kid-sized Ghibli Museum, devoted to the animated movies of director Hayao Miyazaki (he directed the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke), is tucked into Inokashira Park in suburban Mitaka. A cast-iron replica of the robot from Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky guards the roof.

Our best advice for your first visit to Tokyo: Don’t even try to see it all. Experience this expansive city of 12 million in targeted excursions to the key tourist attractions (Tsukiji Market, Asakusa, Shinjuku) and leisurely detours to the charming neighborhoods (Nakameguro, Inokashira Park) where the “real” Tokyo resides. It’s impossible to see the city in one trip, leaving the nimble traveler plenty of reasons to return.
—Tracy McCormick

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