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Zurich Basics


Photo Courtesy of Switzerland Tourism

Zürich attracts superlatives as well as its share of derision. On the one hand, unimpressed visitors have dubbed it “the Singapore of Europe,” referring to the city’s antiseptic streets, its ultra-clean public restrooms, its law-abiding citizenry and the hyper-functionality of its infrastructure. On the upside, these very perfections make for a high quality of life. Newspapers and business magazines regularly list Zürich among the world’s wealthiest, healthiest and happiest cities.

With its population of successful artists and international finance gurus, Zürich packs all the amenities required by the very rich: a world-class opera house, art galleries galore and excellent restaurants. Then again, you don’t need a Swiss bank account to enjoy the city’s excellent modern architecture, bohemian nightclubs and abundant natural beauty. Civilized and cultured, pristine and oh-so-pretty—Zürich has something for every taste, if not (exactly) every budget.

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