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Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam Smoothee

The Smoothee camera holder and stabilizer brings the same technology used in Steadicam's $60,000 Hollywood rigs to smartphones and action cameras, which means no more shaky videos. Make professional-looking corporate vids on a tight budget, have your kids film their skateboarding stunts for YouTube or, heck, shoot your first indie movie. $129Caramel Quin

Ready, steady, go
The Smoothee comes with a mount for your chosen model of iPhone (4, 4s or 5) or GoPro (Hero, Hero 2 or Hero 3). To use, clip the camera on the mount, then fine-tune the balance.

Pan like a pro
Grip the Smoothee with one hand, rest your thumb and index finger on the gimbal and the camera will be perfectly balanced and ready for smooth planning.

Film low
When Kubrick filmed The Shining, he had the Steadicam modified so he could film at floor level. For a similar effect, adjust the Smoothee's balance and flip the whole thing over.

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