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1 City 5 Ways: Munich - History Buff

Hotel Torbräu

Courtesy of Hotel Torbräu

Hotel Torbräu is Munich's oldest hotel.

This 850-year-old city played a central role in both world wars, and it’s filled with reminders of a complicated past.

Where to Stay // Hotel Torbräu
Open since 1490, Torbräu is the city’s oldest hotel—but don’t worry, it’s been updated. Guests have included King Max Joseph, Hans Christian Andersen and composer Franz Liszt. 

Morning // Schwabing
Hit this nabe for shopping, including Schellingstrasse’s numerous antiquariat shops. Try J. Kitzinger for books, Musik Knobloch for sheet music and instruments. And check out the odd collection (vintage gym equipment, anyone?) at Thilo Schozle on Theresienstrasse.

Lunch // Schelling Salon
Vladimir Lenin, poet Rainer Maria Rilke and Adolph Hitler once frequented this billiard hall and saloon. Try the Käsespätzle—the German version of mac and cheese.

Afternoon // King Ludwig II
Pay a visit to Bavaria’s beloved and most eccentric king, whose remains are interred in the crypt of Michaelskirche—a 16th-century Renaissance church. 

Dinner // Shane’s Restaurant
Chef Shane McMahon sources the freshest ingredients for his restaurant, where there’s no set menu. Tell your server your tastes and the kitchen creates a multi-course meal tailored to you.


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