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Expert Advice// Packing for the Beach

Suitcase Michael Hendrickson Sky June 2010

Photo by Michael Hendrickson

We asked Derek Blasberg what we should pack for a classy trip to the beach.

Leading fashion journalist and international party reporter, Derek Blasberg knows his way around an airport. In his new book, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, New York-based Blasberg imparts all sorts of knowledge, from how to pack for a long trip to how to be a good house guest. We asked the jet setter what we should pack for a classy trip to the beach.

Layers, layers, layers: “Even if you’re going to the Amazon, pack a few layers. Even just one cardigan will do, especially on chilly nights or in the over-air-conditioned hotel rooms at fancy resorts.”

Mix and match: “You have to be super precise and organized. Make sure everything you pack goes with everything else.”

A Book: “Pick up a travel book or two to draw attention away from your chick lit. Even if you don’t read them, the person in the beach chair next to you will think you’re well read and well traveled!”

A Hat: “There is nothing classy about wrinkles or sunburn! Large-brimmed sun hats are stylish and affordable. Don’t forget your sunglasses, and always load up on SPF.

A Tote: “Sturdy yet stylish, L.L. Bean bags are great for the beach, or try a straw tote that won’t collect sand. Save the fancy bags for cocktail parties. You want function in the sun!”

Dress it up: “Never leave home without something you can dress up with, be it a funky sandal or some jewelry. You never know what might happen on vacation. That’s part of the adventure!”

Right to accessorize: “Keep the foundation of an outfit (skirts, tops and pants) basic so that you can spruce things up with accessories—a colorful scarf can change a whole outfit.”

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