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Mark Teixeira's Favorite Street

Greenwich Avenue, Joshua Paul

Photo by Joshua Paul

"It's the heart and soul of Greenwich, Connecticut." —Mark Teixeira

A quick Mark Teixeira primer for the non-baseball fans in the audience: He plays first base for the Yankees, hits the ball very far (often over the fence), has a glove like a DustBuster (much to the chagrin of opposing batters) and pronounces his last name “Te-share-ah,” which is Portuguese for “better at baseball than you” (kidding about the translation, though the name is Portuguese). Off the field, Teixeira sits on the board of directors for Harlem RBI—a New York City-based nonprofit that uses baseball, softball and academic programs to help inner-city youth live better, healthier lives. In the midst of all this volunteerism and superhuman athleticism, he somehow finds time to hang on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife and three kids.

Ginger Man. Photo by Joshua Paul.        

“Greenwich Avenue has that ‘old town’ feel, very warm and comfortable. The buildings lining the avenue on both sides are mostly two- and three-story brick.”

“I especially like taking my kids to have lunch at Putnam Restaurant and then for ice cream at the Häagen-Dazs across the street.” 

“I love Greenwich Avenue. You can park anywhere, then eat, shop, get your haircut and have a drink at the end of the day. I like the Ginger Man—a great pub.”

“For the best haircut on the avenue, I go to Jaafar Tazi Salon,” says the Yankees slugger. “I’m also an Apple junkie, so I visit the Apple Store quite a bit.”

Putnam Restaurant 373 Greenwich Ave.
Häagen-Dazs 374 Greenwich Ave.
Ginger Man 64 Greenwich Ave.
Jaafar Tazi Salon 149 Greenwich Ave.
Apple Store 356 Greenwich Ave.
Samuel Owen Gallery 378 Greenwich Ave.

Mark Teixeira on his other favorite street: First Avenue in NYC

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