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Kevin Connolly's Favorite Street

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Dan Tel Aviv

The five-star Dan Tel Aviv luxury hotel overlooks the promenade and the sea. “The hotel is in the middle of everything,” Connolly says. “There are people out all over the place, playing and hanging out. I was surprised by how much of a happening place it was.”

With a menu that emphasizes local products, including dishes using freshly caught fish from the nearby Mediterranean, Hayarkon 99 Restaurant offers great food and service. “Bar says it’s one of the best restaurants in all of Tel Aviv,” Connolly says. “Everything looks good.”

La La Land

Connolly says Herbert Samuel Street, which runs down the center of the promenade, is home to some really great buildings, plus it is a fun place to people-watch. “When I went out on my own for a walk on the promenade, the place was really buzzing,” he says.

“Tel Aviv has a cool coffee culture; I just sat and had coffee at La La Land, which is close to the hotel and right on the beach,” says Connolly. “It reminded me of sitting in South Beach in Miami. There are all kinds of young, good-looking people running around.”

Gordon Beach

With so many miles of white sands right next to the promenade, Tel Aviv is a beach-active city. “Just across from the Dan hotel, you can see or play beach soccer and volleyball at Gordon Beach (pictured),” Connolly says. “And Mitizah Beach has a bohemian vibe.”

Hacarmel Market
Just a short way off Herbert Samuel, find fresh produce and goods at Hacarmel Market.
St. Peter's Church
“The churches and religious sites, for a good Catholic boy like me, were just fascinating,” says Connolly. Pictured: St. Peter’s Church in Old Jaffa.
Right off the promenade, Tel Aviv Marina offers boat rentals. Plus, you will find plenty of windsurfing and other water sports.

Sundays in summer have a little less snark after Entourage wraped up its eighth and last season in July 2011. Long Island-born Kevin Connolly, who played the level-headed Eric Murphy in the HBO buddy comedy, has been working steadily since making his big-screen debut in Rocky V at age 16. He’s appeared in sitcoms as well as movies such as The Notebook, Secretariat and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Last year Connolly, along with friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli model Bar Refaeli, vacationed in Egypt and Israel, and Connolly says it was “a life-changing experience.” He loved the magnificent Tel Aviv Promenade that runs alongside the Mediterranean: “You can walk from a modern area of Tel Aviv down the promenade to Old Jaffa and step into the past. It’s mind-blowing,” he says.

Text by Ashley Jude Collie
Photos by Eilon Paz

This article was adapted from the original, which ran in the July 2011 issue of Sky.

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Tourist Israel
Great article. There is so much to do and see in Israel - everyone should visit!
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